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I am a mom of two teenagers, a former American and International School teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Parent Teacher Group President. Over the last 10 years I have lived on three different continents in three different countries each with very different cultures. I understand the challenges and benefits of raising and educating children abroad. I provide resources and support to families, schools and businesses so that not only do children start their expatriate journey on the right foot, they learn and grow from the experience.

Parent Perspective #2: An Irish Family in Germany

Sylvia, a mom of four from Ireland, was one of my first expatriate friends and an absolutely lovely person. Her middle daughter and my youngest were great buddies during our three-year stay in Germany. Her family spent five years there before repatriating in 2011. Many thanks to Sylvia for sharing some of her expat mom [...]

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Is Your International School Truly, ‘International’?

What makes a school 'international'? Is it the location? The curriculum? The students and their families? Each of these elements is indeed part of the equation, but for a school to be truly ‘international’, it should promote international-mindedness and the development of global citizens. This is a lofty goal and one best achieved through the [...]

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Helping New Families Settle In: 10 Tips for Terrific Transitions

What a whirlwind and emotional rollercoaster the last few months have been for our family! After nine years of school abroad, my son graduated from high school in May and we've spent the last few months getting him repatriated. This included getting his driver's permit, teaching him how to drive, how to set up a [...]

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Preserving Family Memories from Abroad

A few years ago a dear friend from home showed me a beautiful quilt her sister-in-law had made for her son for his graduation. It was a whimsical array of of old t-shirts, baby blankets, sports jerseys, family sayings- all those great little memories you want your kid to have when they leave the nest. [...]

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Safety Abroad: Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe & Healthy

I sincerely hope you never need to use the information in this article, but please read it anyway. As a parent, my number one priority is to keep my children healthy and safe. When living in the United States (my home country) I was able to do this with relative ease. I was familiar with [...]

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The Expat Kids Travel Guide: Testers Wanted

I had a dream; a dream that while given the gift of living abroad, I would take advantage of the opportunity to travel and diligently plan the perfect vacations for my family. While on these amazing vacations, my kids would be engaged with the world around them, soaking it all in, and learning from the [...]

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Parent Perspective: Raising Kids Abroad Interview #1

I'm excited to introduce, 'Parent Perspective', a recurring series where I interview expatriate parents about raising and educating their kids abroad. Advice from other expat parents has been so helpful to me and my children over the years, and I am grateful for their willingness to help us learn from their experience. If you find [...]

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The 2 Most Important Reasons to Visit Home and 4 Ways to Minimize the Stress

Going home to visit is good for the soul, it really is. But it can also be stressful, especially if you haven't maintained a residence in your home country. Living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time, and feeling like you are always in somebody's space can be difficult.  Add to that the [...]

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Why Rituals and Traditions Matter in the Expatriate Family

To be completely honest, I didn’t give too much thought to the importance of family rituals and traditions when we first moved abroad. That was a mistake. I took so much for granted living in our home country and often operated on auto-pilot; Christmas at Grandmas, the apple orchard with friends, books in bed, ‘I [...]

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